What is the Research Making Impact program? 

Research Making Impact (RMI) is a comprehensive professional development program designed to support academics in developing confidence and capability in exploration of the potential pathways to and delivery of social, economic, cultural and environmental impact through their work. RMI will also build basic capabilities in the critical interpersonal and technical skills required for the successful engagement of external partners, collaborators and funding bodies to make positive change in the world.


Who is RMI for? 

Any UNSW academic who is curious about creating impact with their research through working with external partners and/or commercialisation, but with little to no experience in this area.

For UNSW Higher Degree Researchers (HDRs) (current and alumni) UNSW Founders has a separate program (Entrepreneurial HDR - eHDR).

Why participate? 

Gain the skills, capabilities and awareness required to apply your learnings and translate your research into real, positive change in the world:

  • Define your value to external partners, stakeholders, and identify pathways to impact based on your research area and career goals.
  • Understand the basic UNSW legal processes and policies involved in working with external partners, start-up/spin outs, including the basics of Intellectual Property (IP), Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Conflict of Interest.
  • Confidently and clearly communicate your value to diverse audiences, including utilising media channels and networking events to start to connect with potential collaborators. 
  • Utilise tools to plan your career for maximum impact, and be connected to relevant UNSW support services for future capability development.

Experienced UNSW academics from diverse research areas will assist participants to reflect on their research to gain new perspectives, as well as how to communicate with those who will help achieve impact. 

Participants who complete the RMI program and fulfil requirements will be eligible for a UNSW approved digital badge that can be added to their LinkedIn profile. 


RMI is a four-week program consisting of weekly 2.5 hour live workshops and short self-led, post-workshop exercises. 

Participants are required to attend all four workshops and complete exercises to support learning outcomes being achieved.   

Community and post-program support 

Upon completion of the program RMI participants will become part of a MS Teams RMI - Research Impact community for on-going peer networking, opportunities, news and further development. 

Next program

At present, all programs will be held virtually. 

Complete the RMI Expression of Interest form to be informed of the next program.

A UNSW Enterprise collaboration

This program is brought to you by UNSW Knowledge Exchange and the department of Entrepreneurship’s UNSW Founders Program.

The Knowledge Exchange team supports UNSW academic staff in using their knowledge, capabilities and technologies to engage with external organisations from government, industry and the community to build collaboration and partnerships that will deliver high quality and high impact outcomes that transform societies worldwide. Knowledge Exchange also provides professional development programs for UNSW academic staff to build their capability and to equip them with essential skills to successfully engage, network and manage relationships with collaborators and external partners. Contact Research Making Impact to find out more at researchmakingimpact@unsw.edu.au.  

The UNSW Founders Program supports students, staff and alumni in building an entrepreneurial mindset encompassing creativity, user centred design, lean methodologies and communicating unique value to discover opportunities for innovation and creative solutions to real world problems. The Founders Program offers free workshops, events and programs to support individuals and teams at every stage of the journey. To learn more about how the Founders Program can support you join a UNSW Founders Information Session or email founders@unsw.edu.au


Any questions about Research Making Impact?