Collaboration with world-leading universities and industry organisations allow us to deliver unparalleled experiences and solutions. By fostering a two way exchange of knowledge, experience and capabilities we can achieve greater outcomes for our students, research and the community.


The PLuS Alliance is a world first global Alliance combining the strengths of three leading research universities on three continents - Arizona State University, King's College London and UNSW Sydney. It was launched in February 2016 with a vision to see global communities empowered through innovative and accessible education and research.

The PLuS Alliance strives to:

  • Build partnerships to foster global innovations and serve the world
  • Launch education programs nuanced to the needs of global learners
  • Deliver solutions to global challenges through collaborative research

Since launch, the PLuS Alliance has facilitated research collaborations, education initiatives such as online course exchanges, Study Aboard, joint PhD supervision, Higher Degree Researcher programs, numerous symposia and workshops.  Some highlights include:


  • Bachelor of International Public Health launched (2018) – first fully online UG degree for UNSW – first graduates in 2020;  
  • Online Course Exchange with ASU – add description and maybe some interesting courses 
  • Student experiences: Field trip to Okavango Delta (since 2017), three Circular Economy-themed hackathons – Plastics (2018),  Fashion (2019), ASU-Devex Circular Cities Hack(2020); PLuS Alliance Student Council activity; PluS International Interdisciplinary Research program for HDRs in 2018; 6 post docs jointly supervised. 
  • PLuS Engineering business case approved (2018); TEDI-London launched (2020);  
  • Executive Education Leadership Program for Indonesia Executives delivered through the AGSM (2018) 


  • 26 UNSW-led research projects funded externally through PLuS collaborations - $15.3M. Total for PLuS – 40 projects; $36.7M (data current to end 2019) 
  • 487 joint publications since 2017 (data current to end 2019) 
  • One US provisional patent awarded for "systems and methods for a power-generating thermogalvanic brick"  
  • PLuS Alliance – Pune Smart City Development Corporation – MOU signed December 2019 


  • 163 Fellows across the Alliance, 62 at UNSW 
  • Transforming Pathways to Women’s Leadership online event (Oct 2020) engaged 108 participants across UK, US and Australia from HE, industry and government  
  • 2017 PLuS Alliance Prizes awarded for Education, Research and Global Innovation and Leadership 
  • 8 international symposia held since 2016. 

To find out more about PLuS Alliance opportunities visit the PLuS Alliance website. UNSW students and academics may visit for more information on online education, student support, funding and research fellowships or contact the Alliances team.

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The Sydney Quantum Academy is an innovative collaboration, co designed by quantum researchers across four NSW universities to support the development of a quantum ecosystem through education, industry and community engagement, and entrepreneurship.

As leaders in quantum computing UNSW, The University of Sydney, Macquarie University and University of Technology Sydney aim to train the next generation of quantum computing innovators to establish NSW as a global leader and incubator in the rapidly evolving field. To find out more about Sydney Quantum Academy, partnership, scholarship and fellowship opportunities visit

TEDI-London is an innovative, new, higher education institution in London wholly focussed on engineering. Co-founded by the PLuS Alliance partners, TEDI's vision is to transform engineering education to transform lives – both for students and for the users of the products they design and make.

TEDI's mission is to attract and empower individuals and partners from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to develop the skills and confidence to create practical real-world solutions that advance liveable global communities. Since launch, UNSW staff and students have participated in summer schools, curriculum and partnership development.  TEDI-London’s Bachelor of Global Design Engineering commences in September 2021.

For more information, visit or contact the Alliances team.

Maridulu Budyari Gumal, also known as the Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE), is a collaboration between leading experts in health, research and education sectors and aims to develop new and innovative ways to deliver better healthcare for communities in NSW.

Addressing health priorities in the state, we provide opportunity to translate medical and health research and science into real world solutions for patients and communities.

SPHERE’s eight Strategic Platforms work with Clinical Academic Groups to help translate research into better healthcare delivery. They are also developing essential, research-enabling infrastructure and systems that will support the long-term future growth of the partnership. 

  • Innovation Pathways 
  • Supporting Leading Better Value Care (SLBVC) 
  • Clinical Trials Support and Enablement 
  • Knowledge Translation 
  • Implementation Science 
  • Clinical Research Workforce Development 
  • Consumer and Community Involvement 
  • Health Informatics 

To find out more about SPHERE and collaboration opportunities visit

The mission of the NUW Alliance is to seek out the big collaborations that make a difference, collaborations that unlock new value, impact and benefit for our communities across NSW.

The NUW Alliance partners include University of Newcastle (UON), UNSW Sydney (UNSW), the University of Wollongong (UOW) and Western Sydney University.

The NUW Alliance achievements include:

  • Delivering a new STEM education model for the Multiversity at the Western Parklands City Aerotropolis, integrating VET, industry and HE. 
  • The launch of NUW Energy in December 2020, bringing together energy expertise across the universities. 
  • Facilitating research collaborations via NUW Impact funded projects as well as proposals to national and state funding bodies. 
  • Professional and academic collaborations across defence, student services, domestic violence research, libraries, Women in Research Network, Research & Development Network. 
  • New Colombo Plan program with NUW partners included 6 industry projects (incl mentors), three academic supervisors and 25 students 

To find out more about the NUW Alliance and collaboration opportunities visit

The International Universities Climate Alliance (Climate Alliance) is a global collaboration of 48 universities across 21 countries to accelerate climate action through knowledge sharing of climate research. The Climate Alliance is a global platform for communicating evidence-based research on climate change science, impacts, adaptation and mitigation.

The Climate Alliance is an initiative established in April 2020 by UNSW Sydney which manages the Climate Alliance Secretariat. More information about the Climate Alliance and its members and activities can be found at

To find out more about the Climate Alliance and how to get involved, please contact or Tanya Dellicompagni, Manager, Climate Alliance.

UNSW is a founding member of the University Social Responsibility Network (USRN), which was established in 2015 and brings together a group of thought leaders to exchange ideas, resources, practices of varied scope and scale to steer global discussion and development of USR in higher education.  UNSW is one of 16 global member universities and as a founding member of the Network commits to the vision and mission of USRN including: 

  • To provide a platform for exchange of ideas, resources, policies, practices, problems and solutions to foster USR among member institutions. 
  • To develop collaborative USR projects with varied scopes and scales within the Network. 
  • To contribute to the global discussions and development of USR through networking and partnership within the Network, as well as with other networks and alliances. 

Professor Marylouise McLaws is the UNSW Ambassador and representative on the USRN Steering Committee.   The DVC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is the Network Sponsor and is supported by the Alliances team in promoting and advancing contributions to the USRN.  For more information, contact the Alliances Team. 

UNSW Alliances Team