Collaboration with world-leading universities and industry organisations allow us to deliver unparalleled experiences and solutions. By fostering a two way exchange of knowledge, experience and capabilities we can achieve greater outcomes for our students, research and the community.


The PLuS Alliance is a world first global Alliance combining the strengths of three leading research universities on three continents - Arizona State University, King's College London and UNSW Sydney – to solve global challenges around health, social justice, sustainability, and technology and innovation.

The PLuS Alliance strives to:

  • Build partnerships to foster global innovations and serve the world
  • Launch education programs nuanced to the needs of global learners
  • Deliver solutions to global challenges through collaborative research

Together we help drive innovation and opportunities in today's globalised and interconnected world. To find out more about PLuS Alliance education programmes, research projects and partnership opportunities visit the PLuS Alliance website. For UNSW students and academics visit for more information on online education, student support, funding and research fellowships or contact the Alliances team.

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The Sydney Quantum Academy is an innovative collaboration, co designed by quantum researchers across four NSW universities to support the development of a quantum ecosystem through education, industry and community engagement, and entrepreneurship.

As leaders in quantum computing UNSW, The University of Sydney, Macquarie University and University of Technology Sydney aim to train the next generation of quantum computing innovators to establish NSW as a global leader and incubator in the rapidly evolving field. To find out more about Sydney Quantum Academy, partnership, scholarship and fellowship opportunities visit

TEDI-London is an innovative, new, higher education institution in London wholly focussed on engineering. Co-founded by the PLuS Alliance partners, TEDI's vision is to transform engineering education to transform lives – both for students and for the users of the products they design and make.

TEDI's mission is to attract and empower individuals and partners from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to develop the skills and confidence to crate practical real-world solutions that advance liveable global communities. For more information, visit or contact the Alliances team.

Maridulu Budyari Gumal, also known as the Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE), is a collaboration between leading experts in health, research and education sectors and aims to develop new and innovative ways to deliver better healthcare for communities in NSW.

Addressing health priorities in the state, we provide opportunity to translate medical and health research and science into real world solutions for patients and communities. To find out more about SPHERE and collaboration opportunities visit

The NUW Alliance, a commitment by the University of Newcastle (UON), the UNSW Sydney (UNSW), and the University of Wollongong (UOW) aims to explore the short- and long-term challenges impacting NSW to generate benefits for the State as well as the Australian economy.

We are committed to delivering research excellence, innovation and impact, and importantly, equality of access to higher education, regardless of ethnicity or socio-economic status. Through our university strengths and relationships with government and industry we can help shape and drive key priority areas for the state such as cyber security, 'Smart Cities' technologies, greater access to education and improvement of health services and community outcomes. To find out more about the NUW Alliance and collaboration opportunities visit

The International Universities Climate Alliance (Climate Alliance) unites 45 universities across the world to accelerate climate action through knowledge sharing of their climate research. The Climate Alliance is an initiative started by UNSW in April 2020 and more information about their members and activities can be found at

UNSW Alliances Team