UNSW is working with its NUW Alliance partners – University of Newcastle, University of Wollongong and now joined by Western Sydney University – to deliver a world-class higher education and research presence.

As the world unifies over a shared common problem, it highlights that by working together, solutions can be found more efficiently and effectively. This belief has long forged the strong vein of partnership that runs through UNSW and forms a key element of its mission to have a positive global impact.

Matt Gijselman, Chief Executive Officer of the NUW Alliance, said:

“The University of Newcastle, UNSW, the University of Wollongong and Western Sydney University plan to establish a new higher education and research presence at the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. We will bring four of Australia’s leading higher education institutions into a single allied entity to deliver 22nd century education, training and research in the Western Parkland City.”

The Multiversity will deliver world-class, industry-engaged teaching and research across a breadth of STEM-specialist disciplines, including engineering, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, and defence. This type of teaching and research, physically located alongside industry partners, would be informed by the evolving needs of companies and employers, establishing a multitude of jobs and opportunities.

Amidst current challenges around the COVID-19 pandemic, the Multiversity will be able to adapt to deliver education and programs in line with future student needs. 

UNSW President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ian Jacobs, commented:

“Universities make an extraordinary contribution to Australia through research, innovation and educating the next generation of professionals to provide solutions to the challenges our society confronts. The NUW Alliance Multiversity will commence as we are emerging from one of the greatest challenges of our era, the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Multiversity is an investment in the future of our nation at a time when stimulating the economy and partnering with industry to produce the highly skilled, job-ready workforce that our society needs will be paramount.

Post-pandemic, the research and development capability of the NUW Alliance can play a pivotal role in driving innovation-led economic recovery and helping create the home-grown jobs and industries envisioned by the Federal Government.”

When it opens next year, the Multiversity will be located at Western Sydney University on its Werrington and Kingswood campuses. By 2026, the vision is to expand into a new campus in the heart of the new Western Sydney Aerotropolis site.

Pictured: An artist’s impression of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis, where the Multiversity will be built wcaa.sydney.

For more information

To learn more about the Multiversity project, please contact the NUW Alliance team at engage@nuwalliance.edu.au.