Researchers at the UNSW-based Australian Research Council (ARC) Training Centre for Automated Manufacture of Advanced Composites (AMAC) and partner Omni Tanker, have partnered successfully to reduce costs of the company’s revolutionary transport tanks for high purity and corrosive chemicals. 

The production and maintenance breakthroughs will reinforce the company’s position as the market leader in Australia and enhance export market success.

Omni Tanker approached AMAC to help accelerate development of new processes and strengthen the company’s competitive edge over traditional tankers in US and European markets. Collaboratively, they created first-of-a-kind manufacturing technologies that include three major breakthroughs which are now in various stages of implementation at Omni Tanker’s advanced manufacturing facility in western Sydney.

Founder and CEO of Omni Tanker, Daniel Rodgers, said the collaboration with AMAC researchers has brought benefits across the entire product life cycle.

“Partnering with AMAC has helped us to dramatically accelerate our research and development program. The outcomes have created significant cost savings and competitive advantages that we would not have achieved alone in the timeframe.

“This work really puts us at the forefront of automated composite manufacturing innovation. Omni Tankers are the equipment of choice for the transport of aggressive corrosive liquids throughout Australia and we are now commercialising our technology and products in the international market. There are clear benefits to our collaboration with UNSW and AMAC and these will continue for years to come.”

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